Quantcast Battery Post Repair - continued


TM 9-6140-200-14
c. Repair of broken or damaged battery filler ports. Repair broken or damaged
battery filler ports as follows:
Battery electrolyte can be harmful if it contacts the eyes,
skin or clothing. Flush immediately with large amount of
cold water. Also, in case of eye or skin contact, see a
physician immediately. Wear eye/face shield and other
protective clothing during all battery repair operations.
(1) Obtain an unserviceable battery. Remove all battery filler caps and
thoroughly drain electrolyte from battery.
(2) Using a two or three hole saw, drill the unbroken filler ports and remove all
undamaged filler ports from the unserviceable battery. Cut these
replacement undamaged filler ports from the unserviceable so that they are
large enough to overlap the holes of the battery where they will be installed
by 1/4 to 1/2 inches.
(3) Grind down the bottom side of the replacement filler ports using a disc-type
(4) Remove the damaged filler ports from the battery to be repaired.
(5) Thoroughly clean the battery surface where the epoxy for the replacement
filler ports is to be applied.
(6) Apply epoxy cement in small amounts to the battery surface where the repair
is to be made.
(7) Install replacement filler ports on the battery and apply epoxy cement to the
outer bottom edges of the ports.
(8) Allow epoxy to cure for at least one hour before returning battery to service.


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